2024: Coming to the end of level 2..

Published on 1 February 2024 at 14:09

Nearly one step closer.. 

31/1/24: Hi everyone, the end of my Level 2 CPCAB Certificate in Counselling is quickly approaching. I can not believe how fast this course has gone. I have learnt so much during this course and met some amazing people along the way. Looking back to the start of the course I have gained so much confidence in my skills as well as the theory needed at this level. To know that in a few weeks after my exam, I will be even closer to qualifying and then be able to start my own private practice which has been my dream for so long. I am beyond excited for what is to come within the next few years.

8/3/24: Hi everyone. First of all apologies for the radio silence over the past month or so on both platforms. I have been busy working as well as studying. Last week we did our mock exam and I sat down and treated it as the real thing, so I have unfortunately not found time to update you all. However, it appears that the absence paid off, after going through the mock exam in last week's session I had done extremely well on the mock, (hoping that I have the same outcome on the exam this following Monday...) These past few weeks have been a lot of exam prep and ensuring that we have our portfolios up to date and ready to be sent off at the end of March. I can not believe how fast my Level 2 training has gone, it feels like yesterday when I did my first lesson and felt like a duck out of water. During the course, I have gained an insight into the field of counselling and gained many skills that have benefitted me both in the training and outside of the training room. With our giving too much away in case somebody reading this is planning on starting their Journey to become a counsellor, the amount of self-awareness that this course alone gives you is extraordinary. Since starting the course I have not looked back once, my peers and tutors as well as the course content can not be hyped up enough. I have been accepted onto the Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills already with the same training company which starts in July, I never thought that I would be so excited to do training and education courses, but I can wholeheartedly say, I am. The journey and dream that felt so far away, from reality is quite literally coming at full force. I plan to update the blog after this upcoming week once I have submitted my Exam and have some spare time. I am already planning to enrol on another course during my 3-month break before my Level 3 starts! I hope you are all well, thank you for the continuous support.


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6 months ago

Your doing amazing šŸ‘ keep up thr brilliant work. So proud off you.... always one of your top fans ā¤ļø