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Published on 31 October 2023 at 08:59

1st month of training COMPLETE!!💗

Below is the first month of training and snippets of what we have learned so far: 

16th October 2023: Hey guys! I feel I have already been on such a journey so far with my CPCAB training, I have learnt so much theory already in the small amount of time that I have been studying my counselling course and there’s still so much to learn. I have learned a lot about myself these past few sessions and I’m so excited to continue to learn the theory and practical aspects of counselling and develop my skills/knowledge further.

A few topics we have focused on so far Week 1 and 2:
Contracts (both between the helper and helpee), Group contracts, Confidentiality,  Non-verbal communication, Communication, Dialogue, Developing group speaking skills, Prompts, Role Play Counselling sessions and Helper and helpee roles as well as what they entail. 


19th October 2023: Hey guys, just a quick drop-in after tonight’s session, Week 3. A lot to take in but I am feeling more confident as the week's progress. Such a great course and great individuals are a part of it. I look forward to continuing my studies. Feeling a lot more confident when completing the skills sessions now. 

What we learned today:
Blocks to Listening, For example, personal issues, pre-judgement, mind elsewhere, own opinions, noise, clothing, distractions, listening to facts not feelings, feeling unwell and past trauma. Internal and external blocks, Personal limitations, Working within your ability, Learning how to close a session, Calming techniques, Learning how to shut off, Where you can use your helper skills, Agencies you’d refer to (bereavement, suicide, harm, abuses (sexual and physical) and neurodivergent) and Summarising skills sessions. 


26th October 2023: Hey guys! Session number 4, is completed. I can not believe I am already a month into my training and journey, I am loving each and every session. I feel like I have come so far since the first session, even using the skills taught in real life, and feeling proud of myself. 

This week we focused on: The BACP Ethical Framework, Open and closed questions, Skills sessions, Role-play, Counsellor's portfolios, Contracting, Organisations and Feedback both for yourself and your peers.

I found this week extremely interesting and useful, it’s nice that each week we are learning more about ourselves and others in the group. I highly recommend CPCAB training, excited to start the next month of training. I hope you are all doing well!


16th November 2023: I know I have not posted on the blog in a week or two, however, I thought I would update you all with my most recent session.

I enjoyed this week's skills session as we had a go at role-playing between the helper and helpee again, in a situation where the helpee broke the boundaries of the helper. As the role of the helper, it was our job to get the session back on track and focus on why the helpee was having the session, to show skills that we have learnt and are continuing to develop and to remain professional even in a difficult situation. It was a lot harder than I originally thought as all I wanted to do was break character and laugh at the conversations that myself and my peers were having, but I ended up enjoying this. We also focused on bracketing in counselling, for example, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

This session we also did a quiz on all of the content we have learned so far, which was interesting. 

A quote from the tutor that I will leave you with this week is "All of us are broken, but it is how we use this to our ability."

Georgia x

Please check back weekly for the updated blog. 

(The first month of training blog is now closed.)

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